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not fair to Mm. I don't like to see him standing round hold-
ing some damned thing in his hand and looking like he
didn't know how it got there."

"You ought to be glad he's around to hold things," she
retorted.   "If he weren't around I might get you to hold
things for me,"
" That's not very probable."

" 111 bet it's not very probable," she said, " but it's not very
sweet and polite of you to say so."

They were silent for a time. Her finger remained on his
lips. Now and then she moved it a little, parting his lips
very lightly.

" It's not fair to him,'* Mr. Munn whispered,
"Shhl" she urged, and pressed his lips, although he had
only whispered.

" It's not," Mr. Munn repeated. He hesitated: " Unless, of
course, you do intend to marry him."

She giggled softly. Then she said, ** My, my, Mr. Munn,
what high ground you take!" And she giggled again. Then
she stopped suddenly, withdrew her finger from his lips, and
remarked, " What a pretty picture you paint of everything!"

" Everything-----"

" My being in here, and everything."

" I didn't mean that," he whispered, " you know-----"

" A really good woman," she said, " would be so insulted
she'd jump right out of this bed and go in the other room."
She stopped for a moment. "But Fm not going to," she
added. " It's too cold"

Certainly, Benton Todd was decent enough, and Mr. Munn
liked him. Only when Mr. Munn was out at the Christian
place did that irritation overpower his ordinary feeling for
the boy. Mixed with his liking for Benton Todd there was a
certain sense of guilt. The boy had no business mixed up
with the Brotherhood for Protection and Control, Mr. Munn
was sure, and he felt, obscurely, a responsibility for the boy's
joining. It was that damned simple-minded, hero-worshipping
streak in Mm, Mr. Munn thought, and was tincomfor^Me